About Galley Hill Farm

IanGalley Hill Farm moved into Pick Your Own fruit round about 1979, in the beginning it was Sam and Anne’s project. As time moved on Ian and his wife Sandra took on a more active role. After a two year spell of child production - Molly and Emily, it became a full time job for Sandra.

Now in 2011 Grandpa Sam and Grandma “enjoy” helping with the grandchildren and provide invaluable back up and support in the busy season.

Buying habits have changed somewhat since the start; customers are more likely to come for the experience and a pound of strawberries for tea rather than stocking up the freezer for the winter.

Being a family run farm, one of the best parts of the job is seeing the same customers coming back year after year and catching up with their news. We have even had customers phone to check when Sam will be on duty, because they like to chat with him. There have been some interesting discussions over the years, with a wide range of subjects covered and many new friends made. 

When customers come to pick fruit it is often on a balmy summer day but winter does come to Galley Hill Farm and some jobs like pruning have to be done whatever the weather.

Having established the Pick Your Own soft fruit, Anne made the mistake of asking Sam to buy a pound of apples from town. On hearing the price, he decided it couldn't’t be that difficult to grow apples so planted a orchard. Over the years we have tried different varieties, being led by what the customer wants, what we can grow in our climate and which apples store well.

The most popular apple we sell is probably the Bramley cooker but we also have some older eating varieties include James Grieve and Russet.